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Cheese Platter by Davenport Catering

Cheese Trays

Assorted Cheeses & Crackers
$3.75 per person

Cheeses, Crackers, and Fresh Fruit
$4.75 per person

Vegetable Platter by Davenport Catering

Veggie & Relish Tray

A generous tray of crisp, fresh vegetables with our own dip
$3.00 per person

Veggies with added relish on your tray with olives and crisp pickles
$4.00 per person


Dessert Tray from Davenport Catering

Dessert Trays

Fresh Fruit – a colorful tray of fresh fruit
$3.50 per person
(add creamy dip for $0.50)

Squares – a scrumptious array of squares and “finger” sweets
$2.50 per person

$1.50 per person

Apple Crisp
$3.75 (served with whipped cream)

Assorted Desserts – slices of fresh baked fruit pies, cream pies, and cheesecakes
*priced by piece

(All pricing is subject to HST and a 15% service charge when applicable)

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