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I’d like to express our sincere thanks for a job well done on the food for our staff party last Friday. From the initial contact I had with you on Monday to the delivery on Friday, you were accommodating and very professional to deal with and you delivered products that were nothing short of fabulous! The roast beef was cooked to perfection, the chicken stuffed with Ricotta Cheese & Spinach was so tasty (and completely stuffed – not like other “stuffed” chicken dishes I’ve had where you can’t find anything stuffed in the breast) and the potatoes were great. The nut loaf and lasagna for our vegetarian staff members were a huge hit – I believe our pickiest vegetarian’s words were “Do you think he would give me the recipe if I asked?”. Beyond the main dishes, the desserts were scrumptious and didn’t last long at all! Thanks again for the wonderful food and we will be in touch for our next event!

Melissa Forster, Netsweeper Inc.

Just a note to thank all of you for doing a superb job on the menu for my annual party. Keep up the great work. God bless.


My husband, Siegfried, and I, are very appreciative of your fine service as a caterer, for our son and our daughter-in-law’s reception at the Maryhill Community Centre on Saturday, June 9, 2018 and we want you to know that.
We were pleased right from the time of our first meeting with you, back in February, with your friendly and accommodating demeanour. Throughout the next months, we communicated with you of our wants and needs, food wise, to best serve our guests. You fulfilled our requests, exactly, first off, with a beautiful display of appetizers, followed by a well prepared, nicely varied, and good tasting hot buffet main course and finishing off with those delicious pies.  You were, additionally, accommodating, to our vegetarian and gluten-free guests, which was very meaningful to us.
We would expect that the greatest compliment that a caterer can have is to know that the guests of the event he served, enjoyed the food that he prepared. Unknowingly, and indirectly, you received many, many great compliments on your food, as we heard it repeatedly from our guests, as they shared them with us, that we, now, in turn, share with you. My husband and I also thoroughly enjoyed all of our selections from the buffet. We both chose the chicken entrée and it was very tender and tasty.
Harald, should there be another occasion that we would require catering service for, we will not hesitate to approach you again. In the meantime, you can count on us speaking very well of Davenport Catering and will make referrals to others of your business, if we become aware of their need for a good catering company.
Thank you again for your great catering service for our event.

Joanne and Siegfried

We just wanted to say “Thank You” for making our breakfast a success!

Sheryl and Isidora

On behalf of Inshallah I want to say thank you for doing an excellent job at our event last Saturday. Many, many great comments about the way the room looked and the food was excellent. You brought what I asked for plus some extras you thought of, like the gluten free bread, and desserts. Also want to thank your staff for the way they served the meal, and to Keith a big thanks for taking on the setting of the tables alone or so he thought. I could not watch him doing all that alone. Thanks again, and I am sure we will be in touch next time we have need of a caterer.

Barb Barnes

We were so pleased with the dinner! Our guests were very impressed, especially with the beef rouladen.

Linda Ford

I’ve been meaning to contact you to say a big thank you to all of your staff who worked on the catering for Dustin & Adrielle Krahn’s wedding (on that very hot weekend back in September).  We were so pleased with all of the food and many of our guests were very complimentary of the meal. The chicken and the roulladen (I know I’m not spelling that right!) were both delicious and the pies were excellent!!  I really didn’t think that the food would be so tasty after having to bring it all the way from Waterloo but it was wonderful! You really impressed us and our guests.

Thank you so much for doing a top-notch job! We will highly recommend your company for any event.

Sharalynn Krahn

I just wanted to thank you and your staff for working so hard to ensure that our wedding meal was a success; which it most definitely was. Jesse and I received (and still receive) compliments on the meal. It was absolutely delicious. Your service was also fantastic. I was a bit worried about having buffet style for the wedding but it turned out better than I had expected. Thank you again Harald and take care.

Katelyn Galvao

We booked Davenport Catering two days before our event because the caterer we had backed out.

Harald and his team were simply amazing! To us they are heroes for stepping up and taking us on with such little notice! From the get go they were nothing but professional and courteous. The food was delicious! Several of us swear the Greek Pasta Salad was the best we have ever eaten! I highly recommend them!

This is the beginning a long relationship with Rockwell Automation and Davenport catering!

Thank you again Harald and your incredible team!

Rockwell Automation

Dear Harald, you, Keith, Cory and Heather knocked it out of the ballpark. It was a fantastic meal. Let me know if I can be a reference for you with future clients. It would be no problem answering e-mails or phone calls from clients who are considering hiring your catering service. I would gladly do an internet review, so let me know. Amazing!

Maridene  Parsons

Davenport Catering was very helpful and flexible in helping me make my event a success. They provided fantastic food which looked great and tasted wonderful. I will definitely use their services again!

Gunther Kramer, Gecko Websites

It was another successful and delicious buffet again this year. Nine years now! Thank you for all your patience and help. Thank you also to your staff who are always polite and helpful.

Peggy Rose

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