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Joanne and Siegfried

My husband, Siegfried, and I, are very appreciative of your fine service as a caterer, for our son and our daughter-in-law’s reception at the Maryhill Community Centre on Saturday, June 9, 2018 and we want you to know that.
We were pleased right from the time of our first meeting with you, back in February, with your friendly and accommodating demeanour. Throughout the next months, we communicated with you of our wants and needs, food wise, to best serve our guests. You fulfilled our requests, exactly, first off, with a beautiful display of appetizers, followed by a well prepared, nicely varied, and good tasting hot buffet main course and finishing off with those delicious pies.  You were, additionally, accommodating, to our vegetarian and gluten-free guests, which was very meaningful to us.
We would expect that the greatest compliment that a caterer can have is to know that the guests of the event he served, enjoyed the food that he prepared. Unknowingly, and indirectly, you received many, many great compliments on your food, as we heard it repeatedly from our guests, as they shared them with us, that we, now, in turn, share with you. My husband and I also thoroughly enjoyed all of our selections from the buffet. We both chose the chicken entrée and it was very tender and tasty.
Harald, should there be another occasion that we would require catering service for, we will not hesitate to approach you again. In the meantime, you can count on us speaking very well of Davenport Catering and will make referrals to others of your business, if we become aware of their need for a good catering company.
Thank you again for your great catering service for our event.

Joanne and Siegfried
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