6 - 100 Frobisher Drive
Waterloo, Ontario
N2V 2A1, Canada


Sandwich Buffet #1

Deli sandwich platter (1 1/2 sandwiches, cut in quarters, per person), fresh seasonal fruit, fresh vegetables with house dip & assorted Canadian Cheeses.


Sandwich Buffet #2

One regular Deli sandwich per person, fresh seasonal fruit, fresh vegetables with house dip, assorted Canadian Cheeses & a dessert tray of assorted squares.


Sandwich Buffet #3

One premium sandwich selection per person, fresh seasonal fruit, fresh vegetables with house dip, and assorted Canadian Cheeses. See Premium Sandwiches.


Soup & Sandwich Buffet

One deli style sandwich accompanied by an 8 oz steaming bowl of soup with crackers, fresh fruit pieces, and a dessert tray of assorted squares.


Light Lunch

Wrap style sandwich, cheese, fruit and dessert accompanied by one salad.


Premium Sandwiches

Assorted sandwiches on bagels, croissants, fresh breads, stuffed in pitas, or wrapped in tortillas. See Premium Sandwiches.


The Committee Luncheon

One regular deli sandwich per person, choice of salad, tray of assorted squares and choice of juice, milk, or pop.


Box Lunch and Drink

Individually boxed meals each with one deli style sandwich (as specified at order time), crisp vegetable sticks, juicy apple and brownie or tart for dessert and assorted cold beverages.


Deli Sandwiches

Assortment of sandwiches with salad fillings (egg, tuna, and chicken) and meat fillings (roast beef, Black Forest ham and cheese, hungarian salami, Montreal smoked meat, and smoked turkey breast). Served on assorted breads and kaisers topped with mustard, mayonnaise, and lettuce.


Build Your Own Sandwich

Let your guests design lunch their way with Davenport Deli’s delicious trays of fresh sandwich fixings. Premium meats: Roast Beef, Turkey, Salami, Pastrami, and Ham plus Creamy Egg Salad, Sliced Cheeses, Fresh Baked Breads and Kaisers, Platter of crisp lettuce leaves, sliced tomatoes and onions, butter and condiments, Vegetable & Relish Tray with Dip.


(All pricing is subject to HST and a15% service charge when applicable)

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