6 - 100 Frobisher Drive
Waterloo, Ontario
N2V 2A1, Canada

Hors d’oeuvres and Canapés

Minimum order 1 dozen pieces per hors d’oeuvre item


Sausage Rolls
Bite Sized Quiche
Spicy Pork Rolls
Mixed Mushroom Tartlettes
Beef Curry Pies
Mini Chicken Enchiladas
Meatballs: Savoury Oriental or Sweet & Sour
Satays of Chicken or Beef
Phyllo Triangle with Savoury Cheese Filling, Vegetable Samosas

$19.50 per dozen pieces


Pastry Cups or Mini Pitas filled with Egg, Tuna, Chicken, or Seafood
Smoked Salmon Cheese Spread in Tortilla Pinwheels
Pineapple & Curry Chicken Salad in Toast Cups
Snow Peas stuffed with Herb Cream Cheese
Rare Roast Beef and Horseradish Mayonaise Canapés
Smoked Salmon on Cocktail Pumpernickel
Smoked Turkey & Creamy Pesto Spread in Tortilla Pinwheels
Bite Size Fritta
Prosciutto Roulades
Fruit Kebabs
Shrimp on Cucumber Canapés
$19.50 per dozen pieces

Chef’s Selection Canapé Tray

A tempting assortment of our most popular cold items
$18.50 per dozen (minimum 3 dozen pieces)


Chilled Shrimp in the shell with Seafood Sauce
Chilled Cocktail Shrimp (assorted sizes available) with Seafood Sauce
Marinated Cocktail Shrimp wrapped in Snow Peas
All shrimp priced according to market price

Appetizer Spreads

Each serves approximately 20 guests and is accompanied by crackers and or baguette slices.

Chilled Shrimp Mousse $25

Capanata: Artichoke Swiss Cheese (served hot) $40

Prices effective March 2019

(All pricing is subject to HST and a15% service charge when applicable)

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